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SHIVA CONNECT is a complimentary resource for Jewish mourners and those wishing to express their condolences. 
Our unique website features the ability to learn about sitting shiva,  locate shiva food providers, find helpful resources, make a memorial donation and request an annual Yahrzeit Reminder via email.

Answers to who, what, where, when and how many can be posted on a personal “Shiva Registry” page to organize the bereavement period. A Shiva Registry can be created by anymourner, “Shiva Captain” (a family’s representative who is overseeing the arrangements for the shiva period), Synagogue caring community, funeral home representative or helpful friend. This private page is a quick and convenient way to share funeral and shiva details with people and coordinate shiva food for each day. Those who wish to send shiva food, can conveniently find a local deli using our zip code search.

ShivaConnect is the vision of Sharon Rosen,  whose goal was to develop a helpful website to provide informationand support to Jewish mourners, their families and friends. For more than a year, she researched the Jewish tradition of shiva and gathered information to create this website.  She consulted Rabbis and met with directors of Hospices, Funeral Homes, Jewish Organizations and Synagogues who were all eager to share their knowledge and direct their families to ShivaConnect.

ShivaConnect is a trusted resource for a time of loss and recently celebrated 200,000+ visits and more than 4 years of providing assistance to those in need

Based in South Florida, includes local resources throughout the United States.  Please contact us  or call 1-800-797-0605 to inquire about a listing..