Jewish R.E.A.C.H.

Mission Statement

Jewish R.E.A.C.H stands for:


1) RESTORATION — As once-bustling Jewish neighborhoods empty and people move elsewhere, Jewish cemeteries all over the United States (indeed, all over the world) are being abandoned and going into disrepair. Enter one of these cemeteries and this is what you’ll see: toppled headstones, feral animals, overgrown shrubbery — all signs of neglect and disrespect. The mission of Jewish R.E.A.C.H is to bring communities back together, take responsibility, and repair the cemeteries.

2) EDUCATION– Jewish R.E.A.C.H engages in education on multiple fronts:

Youth Education – Today’s youth will determine the fate of our cemeteries tomorrow. We take youth from all walks of Jewish life on educational field trips, teach them about the importance of this aspect of our communal life, and encourage them to express their thoughts on the life-cycle process.

Adult Education – we hold webinars and live presentations to educate our communities about proper care of cemeteries and how our cemeteries reflect our communal legacies.


3) ADMINISTRATION — The leaders of Jewish Reach have over 100 years experience administering,  operating, and consulting on cemeteries. They bring their tools of administration to the cemeteries throughout the country.


4) CEMETERY — We are constantly searching for cemeteries that are abandoned or on the verge of disrepair.  We advise local Jewish groups on how to best care for their cemeteries. We help communities create perpetual care endowment funds, so that abandoned or neglected cemeteries will never be seen again.

5) HISTORY — We ensure that the data records for the cemetery—the care of the cemetery—and perpetuity of the cemetery are protected. Focusing on the genealogical history within the cemetery allows for the reconnection of generations.