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Rabbi Herzel Kranz

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Rabbi Kranz was born and raised in the sprawling farmlands of the Catskill Mountains of New York. After attending the local school, he went off to Yeshiva Torah VaDa’as  in Brooklyn. He spent his college years in Cleveland, Ohio at the Rabbinical College of Telshe, where he was ordained in 1958.

Rabbi Kranz established the Silver Spring Jewish Center in 1967, founding the first Orthodox Jewish community in suburban Washington DC. He has been the rabbi and spiritual leader of the Center for the past forty-six years.  He is the Dean of the Jewish Academy of Fine Arts and Director of the Silver Spring Learning Center.

A member in many national Jewish organizations, Rabbi Kranz promotes inter-cultural and inter-religious understanding. He has met with many religious leaders including Pope John Paul II. Rabbi Kranz is involved in many tzedakah  projects, and serves as the President of the Hebrew Sheltering Home of Greater Washington.  ​.